Pathobiology & Veterinary Science is highly regarded for its undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate curriculum is designed for students preparing to enter medical, dental, veterinary, or graduate schools, and students are mentored by faculty who are cutting-edge professionals in their respective fields. Under the umbrella of Pathobiology, our graduate degree programs (MS and Ph.D.) have areas of concentrations in bacteriology, pathology and virology. We provide educational experiences and extensive student mentorship to develop the professional skills necessary for our students to transition into productive research careers. Our research profile focuses on infectious diseases of animals and humans, vaccines, veterinary pathology, and wildlife diseases. Many of our faculty are members of the Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research (CEVR), which provides a unifying consortium for vaccine research at UConn. The department also provides service to the University and citizens of the State of Connecticut through integration with the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, which provides students with opportunities in clinical pathology and laboratory diagnostics. Together, Pathobiology & Veterinary Science provides high quality academic, research, and work opportunities that are truly unique on the Storrs campus, and it stands at the forefront of One Health Initiative at UConn.

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